The Expert You Retain is Critical to a Favorable Outcome in Court

 Clients Should Take Charge

  • Control The Outcome  
  • No Longer Be a Victim

Retain Tested Expertise For:  


(Actively Licensed to Perform Under ERISA)

  1.  Schedule SB Certification
  2.  Pension Plan Termination
  3.  Plan Design 
  4.  Cost Studies and Recommendations
  5.  Benefit Disputes

Family Law


  1. Alimony payments
  2.  Property Divisions & Valuation
  3.  Retirement Plans, Valuation & QDRO'S
  4.  Measurement of Non-Marital Property
  5.  Agreements: prenuptual & marital settlement
  6.  Untangling Commingled Funds & Assets
  7.  Measuring Active & Passive Effort
  8.  Transmutation Issues
  9.  Measuring Enterprise Goodwill
  10. Appellate Issues (Financial) - Family Law



  1. From Wrongful Termination of Employment
  2.   From Personal Injury and torts
  3.   Support Services for damages from Legal & Other Malpractice  

Other Actuarial Services:


  • Liquidating Estate Trusts & Most Estate Calculations
  • Elective Share Calculations under State Law
  • Valuing The Homestead Estate under the US Sup. Ct. Rogers Ruling
  • Properly limiting liability under the US Sup. Ct. Craft Ruling
  • Asset Protection and structuring of assets under Elder Law 
  • ERISA issues 
  • Employee Rights to Retirement & Health Benefits
  • Employer/Employee contracts & other executive compensation

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No doubt about it, lawyers are here, there and … everywhere! 

 Are you ready to take America back from the lawyers?   
Lawyers decide how to spend Your money and which experts you retain.  You should decide both!

Winning requires better lawyers.  Winning requires the most qualified experts & legal consultants!

There  are only a handful of great experts & legal consultants and they  are better able to help you find an attorney who meets your needs.


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