Two Things You Should Know

 The practice of law changed drastically in Florida since the Great Recession ended.  Steep competition for clients has changed the landscape,  where most attorneys place their interest before yours.  Most high-end matrimonial attorneys promote conflict until you tire of spending money, then force you into settlement.  One way to protect yourself from this practice is to retain the expert who has experience with the assets you bring to the table, and let that expert help you locate an ethical attorney skilled to meet your specific needs.  This allows you to control your case and outcome.  Please review my credentials and carefully review the services I offer (shown below) and schedule a free consultation. 

The Florida Legislature adopted the  Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 509  US  579  (1993) standard  on October 1, 2013, making it the 38th State to adopt this 1993 US Supreme Court ruling as the basis for qualifying an expert witness.  No  sooner had it been adopted the trial lawyers challenged its constitutionality under the state constitution, because too many experts failed to qualify under  this standard.  The Florida Supreme Court found this 1993 US Supreme Court ruling unconstitutional under its state constitution on February 2017, undermining the legislative intent to protect its citizenry from unqualified experts.  CPA's are routinely qualified under the 1922 Frye Standard in matters for which they have no education or training, but the unqualified are often more pliable on needed testimony and therefore more to the liking of the trial lawyers.   Winning in court requires real knowledge,  not bought testimony.  The 12 states that have not yet adopted the Daubert Standard are all the states where lawyers make the most money.  These include most of the Northeast (NY, CT, Mass, NJ), DC., Illinois, and California.   Mr. Reiss, a federally licensed actuary, has been qualified under Daubert since 2000 in federal court.  


The Expert You Retain is Critical to a Favorable Outcome in Court

 Clients Should Take Charge

  • Control The Outcome  
  • No Longer Be a Victim

Retain Tested Expertise For:  


(Actively Licensed to Perform Under ERISA)

  1.  Schedule SB Certification
  2.  Pension Plan Termination
  3.  Plan Design 
  4.  Cost Studies and Recommendations
  5.  Benefit Disputes

Family Law


  1. Alimony payments
  2.  Property Divisions & Valuation
  3.  Retirement Plans, Valuation & QDRO'S
  4.  Measurement of Non-Marital Property
  5.  Agreements: prenuptual & marital settlement
  6.  Untangling Commingled Funds & Assets
  7.  Measuring Active & Passive Effort
  8.  Transmutation Issues
  9.  Measuring Enterprise Goodwill
  10. Appellate Issues (Financial) - Family Law



  1. From Wrongful Termination of Employment
  2.   From Personal Injury and torts
  3.   Support Services for damages from Legal & Other Malpractice  

Other Actuarial Services:


  • Liquidating Estate Trusts & Most Estate Calculations
  • Elective Share Calculations under State Law
  • Valuing The Homestead Estate under the US Sup. Ct. Rogers Ruling
  • Properly limiting liability under the US Sup. Ct. Craft Ruling
  • Asset Protection and structuring of assets under Elder Law 
  • ERISA issues 
  • Employee Rights to Retirement & Health Benefits
  • Employer/Employee contracts & other executive compensation

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No doubt about it, lawyers are here, there and … everywhere! 

 Are you ready to take America back from the lawyers?   
Lawyers decide how to spend Your money and which experts you retain.  You should decide both!

Winning requires better lawyers.  Winning requires the most qualified experts & legal consultants!

There  are only a handful of great experts & legal consultants and they  are better able to help you find an attorney who meets your needs.


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