Client Testimonials


I  have been aware of  Jerry Reiss'  work for several years. He not only possesses excellent actuarial skills, but also has the uncanny ability to balance not only pension law but also divorce law for the benefit  of  his  clients. His clear and concise writing  of documents that convey the distribution of benefits also protects  his clients.  In many cases an individual’s pension plan is the largest potential asset in his possession and Jerry Reiss  possesses  the capability  of  protecting these assets  for his clients.  He is a true professional in this area.


Capt. Dennis R. Olden 


Jerry Reiss worked for my wife and  I  as an expert witness in a family law case involving complicated pension plan issues.  We had a working relationship on a regular basis for 3 years in which  I always  received intensive and accurate work for the numerous hearings, 2 trials and appellate work. Jerry Reiss' presentation in  the court room was amazing to view as our Judge hung on every word he said and our overwhelming victory at trial was mostly due to his performance.

Lee M. Gantz 


 My ex-wife brought forward an          alimony  modification case against me. In defending myself, my lawyer, Gary Holthus, recommended that I retain  Jerry Reiss as an advisor and expert witness for his forensic actuarial skills and expertise to shape arguments and apply law in complex financial matter to assist him.

I was extremely pleased with Jerry's contributions to my case, both in actuarial aspects and for legal insights as well. Jerry was able to frame my case into compelling, broad  issues, clarifying a myriad of details  that had accumulated during more than a year of litigation.He was able to identify case law that bolstered my case and to suggest legal arguments as well. I was amazed at his ability to identify key facets of this complicated legal matter. The result was a strong counter-argument to my ex-wife's claims. Due in large measure to Jerry's contributions, I prevailed in all aspects of the case. Furthermore, my ex-wife was ordered to pay her legal fees,  despite a large disparity in income and assets between us.

D. Jack Elzinga, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Industrial and Systems Engineering
(Chair, 1979-1997)
University of Florida


To whom it may concern:

My  ex-husband, Joe Carollo, served as a City of Miami commissioner for nine years and was Mayor of Miami for five years. We commenced divorce proceedings in 2002. In February 2002, my attorney, Ira Dubitsky, retained pension rights expert, Jerry Reiss, to assist in establishing the precise value of the marital portion of our City of Miami  pension. This pension is a municipal plan exempt from federal law, and therefore exposed to serious potential enforcement problems. Mr.Reiss was also asked to make a proper determination of the amount earned and to establish the manner in which the distribution of the pension retirement benefit should be implemented. He was extremely effective in bringing to light all relevant case law. When it became clear that my ex-husband intended to go to great lengths and do whatever it took to deprive me of this property right (the pension is property subject to equitable distribution), Mr. Reiss,at the request of my attorney, helped lay the groundwork and prepare the case for an appeal. He did so in a brilliant manner and provided invaluable legal support. We also required in-court testimony from Mr. Reiss. To quote Judge Henry H. Harnage: "I should also say that, as I made this determination, and I listened  to the experts that were presented to me, Mr. Reiss was frankly, a vastly superior expert who gave me an extraordinary amount of information and appreciation of this very difficult subject matter area" (June 6, 2002 ruling)  and "The Court also found   Mr. Reiss's testimony extraordinarily  knowledgeable and helpful" (final order).


Mari Ledon Carollo 

January 22, 2004

I have been a client of Jerry Reiss,  A.S.A.,  since the year 2002 to date.  He was hired by me after my divorce from a long-term marriage for the purpose of preparing both my pension and annuity quadros, and in order to protect my interests that my    ex-wife did not share in DROP. In so doing, Mr. Reiss demonstrated expert knowledge of all aspects and programs of the Florida Retirement System pension plan, the ability to use clear,  concise, forthright language   in  the  writing   of documents,  and a dedicated,    enthusiastic  commitment  to  the  client  he is representing . When complications arose regarding  interpretation of my final divorce decree   as to the right and distribution of my DROP program benefits by Counsel  representing  the  Florida Retirement System,  it was  Mr. Reiss whose call to Tallahassee provided his expert analysis, legal interpretation, and future theoretical implications resulting in an agreement and resolution which affords me the benefits accrued in the DROP program. He truly has been a   catalyst  in  putting  my  complicated  issues to rest. Jerry Reiss, A.S.A., is a true professional. I would sincerely recommend him to anyone involved with marital and family law, pension rights,  alimony, and asset distribution issues.  I will be utilizing him as an expert witness in a future court proceeding. Mr. Reiss embodies all the characteristics you would want to find in an exemplary lawyer.  His  knowledge  of  case law,  his  unrelenting challenge to  the opposition, and his sincere interest  in the individual  he is representing  makes  him  the  best asset  you can  have in your corner.        Acquiring  his services was the best move I made during this difficult time.          I would strongly suggest that if you could use the services  of  Jerry Reiss  in any aspect of your  legal case – be it research, expert testimony, alimony,     child support, asset distribution,  actuarial services and the like,employ him!

Sit back, relax, but nevertheless enjoy the feeling of being in the driver’s seat.

George Keidan, Educator
Coral Springs, FL

(954) 753-183


Dear Jerry,

It is with great enthusiasm that I highly recommend  JERRY REISS. I am a retired firefighter. I live in a small town in North Florida. It was difficult to find a family law attorney that could make sense of my unfocused, devastated, complicated mess of marital and non-marital assets, pensions, multiple real property purchases and sales. Accusations of dissipation were made, in addition to adultery, fraud, gifting, and commingling of funds. Jerry found me a local attorney who was up for the challenge. I  call them my A Team!   Jerry spent the time with me to sort it out. He really went beyond the call of duty and  I thank him. Did I mention that I also found him to be patient, funny, and kind. His experience goes way beyond actuary. His vast mental reference book of Family law cases helped my attorney immensely. I am so glad that my ex-husband did not hire him! So much wasted time and money could have been saved had  I only hired THE BEST IN THE  BEGINNING.

Jerry turned my adversaries around on their heels. Almost immediately after I brought Jerry on board, my adversaries shook with fear, REALLY! They really did, I am not joking! Jerry really did save my being able to retire with some dignity.       He will always be my hero.

Thank You Jerry

Rene Norton