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Jerry Reiss has over 35 years of experience with design and administration of employee benefit plans.  He achieved the enrolled actuary status in 1983.  He is actively enrolled in 2017. In 1982 he passed his associateship exams with the Society of Actuaries,  however, he stopped paying dues in 1999 and is no longer a member of the Society of Actuaries.  He has experience with  retirement plan audits and resolved every one favorably.  He worked with  the Congressional Committee on IRS oversight in 1992-1993.  He has more  than 25 years experience in expert witness and forensic support  services.  The trial court favored his testimony over the competing expert more than 89% of the time (in more than 190 trials).  He has been a major force in the development of case law on family law issues in Florida.  He is available for expert witness testimony or for trial  consultant work.  He is also available for appellate consultant work assisting your attorney with very technical financial issues.

Mr.  Reiss authored and coauthored over a dozen article appearing in official state bar journals on many different forensic topics: family law, employment law and personal injury. He also authored and coauthored another eight articles in other legal publications, including the prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Journal, in law review format.  Many of his publications can be found over the internet by doing an engine search of "Jerry Reiss".  Many of the links for these are now on this website 

In 1995 he was a guest speaker before The American Academy of Matrimonial  Lawyers, Illinois Chapter in Chicago.  In addition, he has been a guest speaker before the Georgia State Bar, Employment Section, Young Harris,  GA, 2007, the Sixteenth Annual Conference for Mediators & Arbitrators,  2007 and he was a paid speaker before ALPA (the Air Line  Pilots Association) in Reston, VA in 1997.  He was a guest speaker  before the Florida Bar in the Spring of 1996.  Most of his speaking  engagements were pre-approved for CLE credit.  He has been a guest  speaker before numerous local chapters of bar organizations over the past 15 years.  He previously sponsored a CLE class that was preapproved  with Florida Bar CLE general credit and 2.0 hours of appellate credit. He was selected for AAML best Experts, 1995-96 before that list was dissolved in 1997, and was listed in Best Experts in America for  Employment and Family Law, 2006-2012 until Best Lawyers in America  dissolved that service.

 Mr. Reiss is retained in cases generally regarded as a  must win.   The above table reflects the most important issues involving  Mr. Reiss' testimony (as of 4/30/18).  The appellate success rate  produced important Family Law case law and is reflected in  the "Testimony" success rate.  * Before applying  the "On Appeal  (Challenging)" success rate the actual "Testimony" success rate is 89%.    Mr. Reiss assisted the appellate attorney with briefing key points and  overturned trial court rulings.  In addition, Mr. Reiss also helped  brief key points on certain cases where he was not involved at the trial  court level and he helped produce important case law.   



Here  is what Judge Harnage of the Miami Circuit Court had to say about Mr.  Reiss in The Carollo dissolution ( Joe Carollo was the former Mayor of  Miami and Judge Harnage's comments are recorded in the public domain)

"I  should also say that, as I made this determination, and I listened to  the experts that were presented to me, Mr. Reiss was, frankly, a vastly  superior expert who gave me an extraordinary amount of information and  appreciation of this very difficult subject matter area.  The opposing  expert (who is referred to) is a practicing retirement plan attorney in  south Florida."

** Listed in Best Experts in America. 2006- 2012®  

Mr.  Reiss' testimony is often sought  by both sides of the controversy when  an expert is retained on a must win trial basis. 

Here are some  comments made by some attorneys.  

  "The  client prevailed on all issues raised in the Appeal. Your knowledge of  the case law and understanding of retirement benefit issues were the  reason for this success." 

Tom Casper, 

Tampa LawyerGeneral PractitionerRetired 


"Jerry  Reiss has an impressive resume and courtroom talent. He has a unique  writing talent and has helped many Florida practitioners in briefing  complicated legal issues in our appellate Courts. I unhesitatingly  recommend him to you as one of the outstanding Florida family law expert  witnesses." 

Michael Walsh,

 (Orlando, FL)Listed,

 Best Lawyers  in America


"Jerry was able to formulate some original and quite impressive theories which translated into expert testimony" Jesse Hogg

 (Coral Gables, FL)

Employment Law 

Former Listing Best Lawyers in America (Retired) 

He presented himself as highly credible, persuasive and authoritative. 

Michael Addicott

 (Hollywood, FL)

Triple Board Certified 

"I  have found Mr. Reiss to be an invaluable resource in the analysis and  legal interpretation of pension language, alimony and related language  found in marital settlement agreements. In addition to Mr. Reiss serving  as a sounding board for my legal interpretation and "theory of the  case" for cases involving these issues, he has never failed to provide  an enhancement to the final presentation of my case." 

Gary Holthus 

(Gainesville, FL)

Board Certified Family Law 

Mr. Reiss was very knowledgeable, as any lawyer, in the area of equitable distribution and retirement plans. 

Jeffrey Connor 

(Orlando)Board Certified Family Law 

I  found your ability to address issues and concepts and present them in a  context to be presented to a court to be extraordinary.  

Jerry Kavulich 

(Coral Gables, FL)Real Estate

 Client testimonials 

 "Jerry  was able to frame my case into compelling broad issues, clarifying a  myriad of details that had accumulated during more than a year of  litigation. He was able to identify case law that bolstered my case and  to suggest legal arguments as well. I was amazed at his ability to  identify key facets of this complicated legal matter. The result was a  strong counter-argument to my ex-wife's claims. Due in large measure to  Jerry's contributions, I prevailed in all aspects of the case."

D. Jack Elzinga, 

PhD. Professor Emeritus
Industrial and Systems Engineering
(Chair, 1979-1997)
University of Florida (Gainesville)

"It  is with great enthusiasm that I highly recommend JERRY REISS. I am a  retired firefighter. ...Jerry found me a local attorney who was up for  the challenge.   ...His vast mental reference book of Family law cases  helped my attorney immensely. I am so glad that my ex husband did not  hire him! 

Renee Norton

Gainesville, F

"Mr.  Reiss, at the request of my attorney, helped lay the groundwork and  prepare the case for an appeal. He did so in a brilliant manner and  provided invaluable legal support. ... "The Court also found Mr. Reiss's  testimony extraordinarily knowledgeable and helpful" (final order)." 

Mari Carollo (Former wife of Joe Carollo, (Former Mayor of Miami))

 "I  would sincerely recommend him to anyone involved with marital and  family law, pension rights, alimony, and asset distribution issues.  ...Acquiring his services was the best move I made during this difficult  time." 

George Keidan,

Coral Springs, FL

Jerry  Reiss' presentation in the court room was amazing to view as our Judge  hung on every word he said and our overwhelming victory at trial was  mostly due to his performance. 

 Lee M. Gantz

Business Proprietor (Ft. Lauderdale)

ERISA matter

"He  not only possesses excellent actuarial skills, but also has the uncanny  ability [to] balance not only pension law but also divorce law for the  benefit of his clients. " 

Capt. Dennis R. Olden

Retired Pilot, NW Air Lines