Actuarial & Estate Planning


The legal arena routinely calls upon actuaries to help with complex financial calculations. Because  Congress licensed actuaries in ERISA, the federal courts recognize the  superior training that actuaries have over accountants and economists  with many of these financial calculations. 

Mr Reiss’ assistance has been called upon in the following areas: 

ü Valuation & Plan Administration 

o Enrolled Actuarial Services ( #17-3608) 

o IRS Filings 

o DOL Filings

o PBGC Filings

ü Forensic Actuary 

o Employment Law


o ERISA Compliance


o Contract Disputes

o Benefit Disputes

ü Studies for Solving Business problems

o Enrolled Actuarial Services ( #17-3608) 

o Related to tax 

o Implication of long range objectives 

Ø With Profitability 

Ø Retention of Employees 

Ø Creating Work Incentives

o Design and Implementation of Retirement Plans 

Estate Planning:

ü Valuing the Life Estate

o With Designing Estate Plans

o In the Medicaid Application ~ “asset protection” under Elder Law 

o With Homestead Property (various applications)

o Percentage of Property Exemption under US Sup. Ct Craft ruling


o Valuing the Elective Share (Under F.S. 732.2035)


Liquidation :

of Trusts

o Defined Benefit Plans 

Ø Under IRS jurisdiction 

Ø Under PBGC jurisdiction 

o Estate Plan Trusts involving numerous beneficiaries 

Ø Successor Beneficiary Complications 

Ø Joint & continuing Survivorship 

Determining Methodology & Assumptions 

o With The Homestead Property Estate 

Ø With IRS lien applications (US Sup. Ct Rogers ruling) 

Ø With IRS lien applications also involving Craft ruling 

Ø In resolving litigation issues

ü  Interpretation of Certain Contract and Trust Agreements

o Change of Control Clauses involving Mergers & Acquisitions 

o In negotiating liquidations for ERISA & Elder Law Applications 

o For Determining methodology for liquidation 

o Testimony Support for Complicated Financial Implications

Lawyers Testimonial page


"I  retained him as a consultant in an elder law matter involving two  clients who resided in nursing homes and were applying for Medicaid.   There were numerous issues relating to the type of asset which they held  and their Medicaid application.

Jerry  demonstrated a high degress of proficiency in analyzing the issues and  in assisting in the Medicaid application process.  His extensive  experience in accounting and financial matters helped enormously in  untangling the situation and determining how to proceed.   

I highly recommend Jerry for further work in this area." 

Dana Bowie  

Winter Park, FL  

"I  recently required an actuary to compute the value of various  beneficiaries' interests under a terminating trust, and retained Jerry  Reiss to assist with same.  There were numerous complicating factors in  determining the amount of entitlement for each of the current income  beneficiaries.  Mr. Reiss clearly outlined the methodology he proposed  to use prior to beginning the calculations so that most of the parties  would be comfortable with same prior to the majority of the work being  undertaken.  At the conclusion of the assignment, Mr. Reiss provided us  with a well reasoned and thorough analysis of the value of all  beneficiaries' interest in the trust.  I would gladly use Mr. Reiss  again as an actuary in a trust matter." 

Christopher Jones

Giles & Robinson, P.A.

Orlando, FL

"This  email is to thank you for your assistance in writing the Initial and  Reply Briefs...  The client prevailed on all issues raised in the  appeal...  Your knowledge of the case law and understanding of  retirement benefit issues were the reasons for the success."

Tom Casper

Tampa, FL.